Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July in Mexico

Well for starters Fourth of July was the best day! I have survived one holiday away from home! Thank goodness...now only a couple more to go ;)
Here at the CCM the whole cafeteria workers decorated the comedor in red, white and blue! All the tables had table clothes, we were able to have BBQ burgers, coslaw, corn on the cob and even brownies! SO AMERICAN! haha, it was really awesome then they had us sing the Star-stangled banner and I have never felt the spirit while singing that song but I totally was so PROUD to be an AMERICAN! Like I love Mexico...but I LOVE AMERICA!! Only one more 4th of July away and I will be back in America...cannot wait!!! :)

We had Fast Sunday and that was rough, we fasted Saturday night and then didn't eat breakfast Sunday. But I was able to feel the spirit so much more that day. I NEED the gift of tongues so that was fun to fast for! I hope I continue to improve on my EspaƱol! 

I cannot wait to leave the CCM. hahah, MTC life is getting old but we went to the Mexico City temple today and it was amazing. The temple was closed but we were able to go to the visitors center. AHHH, such a tender mercy. I needed to remember why I am here. Sometimes I get so caught up in the language and so frustrated but then I watched all the wonderful movies at the temple and it made me realize that this gospel is amazing. I CANNOT wait to tell all the Chileans that they can live with their familes forever. 
We also were able to see all around Mexico City when we were in the bus and it was so eye opening! We are so sheltered here at the CCM I am grateful for the security here. I don't know if I could live outside these walls. Mexico is CRAZY! But I do love the beautiful painted houses!! 
I love the temple!! I also love each and everyone of you. 

I finally got a DEAR ELDER, I have been waiting every week! Thank you! I love letters and I love writing so write me before I leave! 
I have almost been gone a month next Friday, so crazy! Mission life is the best life! 
Haz lo  Justo
Hermana McClary

Abbey Road in Mexico

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