Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Well this week has been interesting. I got sick on Thursday and felt like I was going to die on Friday. So I went to the Tinda (store) here and got some mexican medicine! It was a miracle...even though I didn't know what the instructions said. I decied to ask my district leader for a blessing. So Friday right after class Elder Holley and Elder Kvarfordt gave me a blessing. I have never been so grateful for the priesthood. What they said in my blessing touched my heart. In the blessing they said "Heavenly Father is proud of you and knows this is wehre you are supposed to be." Before the blessing all I wanted to do was go home and hug my mom and take medicine from America! But I know that Heavenly Father keeps sending me little tender mercies like that blessing to keep me reminded why I am here. This work is hard but I really know that this is what I need to be doing 
"I can do hard things!"
I encourage everyone to get a blessing if they need it! This is the first blessing that I have had while being sick, it didn't take my sickness away but I was able to feel stronger so I could continue to focus on the Lord's work! I am still sick with a fever/cold but it is easier to bear the headache. I also received a BEAUTIFUL package from my mother on the day I was so sick. Mothers are the BEST!!
Another fun experience happened yesterday. We had a service activity where we had to clean the buildings. Not just the buildings but we had to acutally sweep the OUTSIDE of the buildings. So here I am sweeping the side of a building while everyone walks buy and gives us THE weirdest looks! I guess the rain gets the buildings dirty...but we didn't even have water to really clean the dirt off. We were just sweeping the dirt all around on the building. It was one of the weirdest things I have ever done! Oh 2 hours after we "swept" the building it down poured!! No joke!! So much for our "work"
Today we had French Toast for breakfast though so that made me sooo happy!! I miss you all but just know I am sweeping buildings in Mexico City and lovin life!! 
p.s. I have TWO more weeks here at the CCM!! So stoked!! We are getting so many missionaries now though! It is so crowded. #toomanymissionaries 
Until next week! 
Hermana McClary
Mexico MTC that I swept and then flooded again
leather scripture scripture case

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