Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I love rockin the old lady look!

My whole district was making fun of me...like I looked pretty ugly with my long skirt and my rain boots but I LOVED it!! I love rockin the old lady look! ;)

When we came out of the devotional everyone was running and screaming...end of the world status. It was THE craziest thing I have ever seen!! 
I wish I had pictures but we are only supposed to take pictures on P-DAY so all the crazy things happen when it it's P-day...of course!!

Sunday is the best day!! My companion Hermana Davis and my other sisters in the district all decided to match for church because we realized we all had teal polka dot outfits! So we all dressed up and we performed a musical number and literally all matched! The best part is that we convinced everyone that we didn´t plan it!! hahahaha, oh it was the best!!

Also if you have time you must look up the talk by Elder Bednar about obtaining the character of Christ. It was given in the MTC on Christmas...a couple years ago. I have NEVER heard a better talk. He talked about how the cookie monster is like the ¨"natural man" and WE WANT IT NOW! But he said that he Christ always turns out when the natural man would turn in and be selfish. It was amazing! One of my favorite quotes was "When you think you can´t do this, you can´t but with the Lord you can." 
I love you all so much. Thank you for your support! 
This mission is not about ME....it is about HIM. I love this gospel. 

Today I had to take some wonderful pictures. These Hermanas are also going to my mission in Chile! THEY ARE DA BOMB!! Hermana Orsos and Hermana Jenkins. They are amazing and I love them. 

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