Saturday, August 9, 2014

I chop my own wood for the fire!

Well I made it a week! Our Momita feeds us soo much food so I think I am gaining weight! But my companion and I run every morning because I cannot get fat! There is a joke here in the mission that all the girls come in looking like Barbies and then they leave looking like Barney! No bueno! 
I gave my first baptismal invitation. We met this young girl named Katy, she is my age! She keeps asking me why I am on a mission and she is very interested in why we do what we do so we had an amazing lesson and I felt so good. My spanish was awful but I use my hands to describe and I just bear my testimony over and over. She said she has already been baptized when she was little so we have alot to teach her about priesthood authority and such. I hope she can feel this truth for herself. 

We also came in contact with this man named Jose, we taught him all about the church and at the end we asked him if we could come to his house and teach him and he told us that he did not have a house! We taught a homeless man and didn't even know it! haha, oh man. We plan on teaching him at the church! It should be good. Hopefully he wants to hear more! 

They have ADT in Chile! Who would know! Vivint needs to get their act together so they can start selling down here, hahah. The people have alarm systems on their shacks. The peoples' houses are as big as my room back home! It is so crazy! I have never been so humbled. But I love them. Oh and I have yet to met anyone with teeth here. No one has teeth! They are all fake or they have one or two missing teeth. So I fit right in! #toothless

Last thing, we went to go meet with some less actives this week and people here in Chile kiss you on your cheek when you say Hello. As missionaries we cannot kiss the men but a couple days ago we were at this house and this old man comes into the room and tries to kiss me on my cheek. I just scream ¨Soy misionera¨and then I just backed up and gave him an awkward hand shake. It was SO awkward but sooo funny. 

Oh man, being a missionary is the best but the transistion is hard! I have to keep focusing on the work and I get caught up sometimes focusing on dreaming about the future and when I will be home! But then I remember I still have forever and that gets me super sad. It is hard but I know I have to have patience. I read a talk in the Liahona today and it helped me! Maybe something will help you. ¨WE may not be satisfied with our circumstances and thus spend time wondering when things will change. If we do this, we miss out on wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth.¨ Dennis Gaunt. When I read this I just started crying. My companion thinks I am CRAZY, haha. But seriously this is so hard. But I know Heavenly Father called me here for a purpose and I am still trying to figure out why! Why in the WORLD am in at the bottom of the WORLD. hahah, but for reals. 
Please pray for me and hope I get the gift of tonges and if you want I would LOVE a letter. I love you all and I will write you if you write me! 
Hermana McClary 

I chop my own wood for fire!
(Martha Stewart in the cabin)

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