Saturday, August 23, 2014

"No Mires Tras Ti"

"No Mires Tras Ti" Look not behind thee! Genesis 19:17
This week I was studying about Lot's wife and how she looked behing and was focused on the things of her past! Sometimes especially on the mission I think about how nice it would be to be in my own bed in America where I feel comfortable speaking the same language as everyone else but I know I cannot look behind! I have to look forward! It is very hard I know but I don't want to be turned into SALT like Lot's wife! 
I challenge you all to look forward to the future and live in the moment. It has helped me a lot this week.
The work here has been super slow latley. People are too busy or don't want to hear our message. I have never had so many doors slammed in my face when I am trying to share this beautiful message! But on Thursday we ran into Carlos, he was washing his car. Our appointments for the day fell through so we just decided we should talk to him. Why not? Well we found out that was baptized but just stopped going to church, which happens a lot. So we asked him why and he really could not tell us why. Well we finally got him to accept us to come back to teach him and his family. Last night we went to his house and his kids were all home. It was awesome. Carlos has 2 teenagers that were really ready to hear our message. The girl Carla is 20 and the other boy is Max and he is 14. 
We taught a great lesson and I actually knew what was happening and I talked a lot with them. It was awesome. And we felt like we needed to challenge them to be baptized. Well they both ACCEPTED! They are going to be baptized September 20th! No joke. Such a MIRACLE! They know the church is true. I told Carla about the Holy Ghost and how it is a warm feeling in your heart and she shared her experience saying she prayed about our church and she got that warm feeling knowing that it was true!
Ah! So that was awesome! I have faith they will both be prepared to be baptized. We just have to be obedient and make sure we follow up with them but they are amazing!
It has been really rough this week I bought new boots and I wore them and got blisters on my toes. No bueno! And the food here is getting to me. They eat hot dogs and pork with everything. I don't really love pork at all. And you have to eat all the food or else it is really rude! I am trying to stay postive. I just have to swallow real fast! haha.
Anyways that is all for this week! Miracles are possible! I promise you if you are obedient and pray Heavenly Father will answer your prayers! Don't look back, keep looking forward! 
Hermana McClary

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