Saturday, August 2, 2014

¡Overjeria Chile!

I made it to Osorno Chile! My first area is Ovejeria. It is a little town in
It is soo cute! Imagine Europe with a Mexican twist and that is what Chile
looks like. haha!
My trainer's name is Hermana Aquino, she is from Paraguay and speaks very
very little English so that is fun. Let's just say there is a language
barrier for sure. But I already love her. She is so amazing. We are both new
to the area so that is also really challenging. We are both lost but that
makes me feel better. haha, we are learning together. #unity haha

I made my first contact in the taxi just the first night I got to Osorno. I
just told the lady I liked her purse and asked her if she was from Chile. My
trainer was so shocked! She said I was a natural. I guess knowing fashion
and complimenting people comes in handy! When you don't know what to say
just say something nice to that person and they will open up to you. The
lady in the taxi had to leave before I could get her information but it was
good practice. I have learned to talk with EVERYONE. We don't get to choose
know needs the gospel or not so I have been opening my mouth to everyone. 

We have a mamaita here in Chile, it is so strange. We only eat lunch here.
We don't eat dinner! We work all night so I never have time to eat. I went
to the store and bought some snacks so I don't starve! But aparently
everyone gains weight here. The bread is really good I guess. I have to
watch out!! 

Our casa is HUGE but so disgusting, Elders were in our house before so it is
really gross. Hermana Aquino and I are going to have to clean it today. It
is so old and we DO NOT have hot water!! Like no bueno!! 
I had to take a shower in the ICE cold water. I have never felt so cold!!
Don't even get me started about building our own fire! It TAKES FOREVER to
warm our house up! My companion told me to take a shower today and she
doesn't understand that I HATE cold showers so I just turned the water on
and just did my hair instead. haha. We are getting it fixed though, I HOPE!
I cannot do it. 

Oh and another thing...people don't have mailboxes here. Like that is the
saddess thing I have ever heard! We don't have a mailbox either so I cannot
get mail! Just send everything to the office address that I gave you guys
and I will get stuff when we have meetings.
So I learned Spanish in the MTC but I promise you that what the people speak
in Chile is NOT spanish. It is Chilean, haha. They sound like they have a
lisp when they speak! It is so interesting! So everything I thought I knew
is changing about the language. 
We went contacting yesterday and I was able to bare my testimony to this
girl that was my age and I felt the spirit so strong. The people are SO nice
here I just wish I could understand what they are saying! But I LOVE Chile.
It is so cool. I already used my rain skirt yesterday! It rains SO MUCH! 
Well I love you all. Please pray that I get the gift of tongues. I need help
so please help me! The Lord loves you and I love you. 
More adventures to come! 
Chow chow! (everyone says that here!) 

Hermana McClary
p.s. I already broke my umbrella so I had to buy a new one today! Oh it is
so fun. It does not stop raining!

Santiago Airport, everything is Penguins!!!

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