Monday, October 13, 2014

FAKE it until you MAKE IT

HOLA! This week I found the best scripture this week! "exercise a particle of faith, yea than desire to believe, let this desire work in you, even until ye believe in a manner that ye can give place for a portion of my words"
Alma 32:27
Sometimes in life we want to just change and be perfect that we give up trying to progress ourselves. It is overwhelming to change all at once and I have learned that this week we cannot change all at once. We have to focus on one thing that we want to improve and little by little we will grow.This week I really had to apply that. I just want to be good at everything. Contacting, leading the discussions, explaining a scripture to someone, teaching by the spirit and so much more but I realized that Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to be good at everything all at once. If we just focus on improving on one thing at a time we can really develop and grow. 
So my moto this week was "Fake it until you MAKE it" 

This week Hermana Aquino and I got locked out of our house for the 2nd time! We have a new house so we don't have any spare keys yet so we locked ourselves out and then we were late to our appointment and then it starting to down pour. We just started laughing. We had to call the married Elder and Sister to come drill a hole through the door knob so we could get into our house! Here is a picture of that fun event. It made my bucket list for sure! 

We had an AMAZING miracle with Ignesia, we met Ignesia the first day that both Hermana Aquino and I were in Ovejeria. She is 21 years old and she speaks English so of course I love her! But she has been so hard to schedule a lesson with. She seems so interested but she just is so busy. She is an event planner and works with her dad planning birthday parties! (btw my birthday is in less than a month, just a side note for those of you that want to send me a letter. haha, you better get to it! jkjk) anyways we always get so close to teaching her. And everytime we see her we always get a step closer to teach her a REAL lesson. Well this time our appointments had fallen through and we were right by her house and I felt like we should go see if she was home! So we knocked on her door and she was HOME! she was sick so she wasn't working (lucky for US) so we were able to go inside her house and talk with her. Well we started asking her questions and right after we said a prayer with her and we were about to start to teach her there was a knock on the door. Her friends came over to surprise her. We just started to pull out the Resturation pamphlet and she had to go! We said a prayer with her and next time I know we will teach her. She is going to read the pamphlet! I cannot wait to teach her for reals! She is amazing! 

ALSO this week is Diego's baptism! He gets baptized on October 18th! He is so ready! I am so excited!! My first baptism and this week is my last week of my 12 WEEK TRAINING!! Hollah!! I will have pictures next week of him at his baptism! Yesterday we ate with a Sister in the ward and she fed us Roast Beef and potatoes! It felt like I was at home! It was AMAZING! I am so glad. But I have one more Pday with my companion until we have transfers and she goes home. I am so scared who my next companion will be but I know whoever it is I will learn so much from them too. 
I love my mission! The weather is warming up and now the bugs are out! I have 6 bug bites on one of my legs! I guess I just have SWEET BLOOD because I cannot seem to get them away from me. But I love this work. I am so grateful for all of your support.
Until next week! 
Hermana McClary 

We got locked OUT!

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