Monday, October 27, 2014

Diego's Baptism!

So this week  I had my first baptism! It was AWESOME!! Saturday was so crazy, so we had the bishop come to the baptism and one of his counselors but our ward mission leader couldn't come and he didn't help us with anything! It was so stressful. Just because Hermana Vega was new to the area too so I had to pretend that I knew what was going on. But she helped me a lot! We were able to have our last lesson with Diego outside the church "in public" because none of the members could teach with us. It was so hard! But we made it work. We spent all Saturday just sitting at the stake center watching the water of the baptism font. We had to babysit the water just in case something happened! So crazy. But the baptism turned out to be amazing! 
I feel like I cannot take credit for anything though, Diego was so prepared and I just invited him to be baptized. He was so happy. It was so awesome to see his face after he came out of the water. HE WAS CLEAN! It was so cool to see the atonement work in his life. Diego is 19 years old and he is now working to serve a mission. He is a Golden investigator! Seriously Heavenly Father has been blessing me. I was so happy to be able to teach him and help him progress.

I also have my new companion Hermana VEGA! She is from LAS VEGAS! So cool. I love her so much and it hasn't even been a week that we have been together. She is Mexican and she speaks really good spanish. She has 5 siblings and she has cool hipster glasses. One of the first things Hermana Vega said to me was "This cambio (exchange) you are going to gain weight" She LOVES food. hahah. So we get along great. But I told her that if we eat lots of food she has to run with me. haha, so that's a fair trade off. We are going to start running this week! I hope she is ready! She has been out on her mission for 10 months. She is really good at teaching and she has a really strong testimony. She shows me that you can enjoy your mission but still work hard! We are planning on starting BAKING CLASSES so that we can get more people excited to come to the church and get more people interested in Mormons. haha. I am so excited to start to work hard with her.
Also this week we had another sister with us on Thursday. She said with us for the day because her companion was sick so we were in a trio for a day. It was very interesting to say the least...let's just say there is a reason that we are suppose 
"two by two" like the scriptures say. It was really hard to teach with 3 people but it was fun to learn more from Hermana Ramos. She is from Bolivia!


My memory card isn't uploading any of the pictures of the baptism but Hermana Ramos just gave me this picture so I will try to figure out what is wrong with the pictures and I will send you more pictures next week. But here is one of me, Hermana Ramos (in the middle) and Hermana Vega on the end. We had a pizza party the night Hermana Ramos came and we ordered pizza after a long day of working. 
It has been really humbling to be flexible. Everyday on a mission is so different. And when we get calls and people ask us if we have another bed and if we can have another sister with us for the day I have realized that you just have to say YES! I like my routine but this week was so crazy and I wasn't able to have the same normal schedule but I realized that I LOVED it. I loved being able to be flexible and I really grew to love Hermana Ramos.
She is back in her area now and her companion is doing so much better! 

Thank you for your prayers. The spanish is still really hard but I can really tell that I have grown so much in my Spanish. I just need to focus on working harder and really focus on being obedient on the time. You know me...I also had problems with being ready on time. So that is something that I am trying to focus on.
I know that Heavenly Father has blessed our family so much. I love you so much. 
More than you could ever know!! 
I am glad you got my letter! :) There will be another one coming soon! 
Until next week! 


Hermana McClary 

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