Monday, November 17, 2014

An apostle in Chile!

My birthday was so fun! Hermana Vega and I bought a homemade cake from one of the members in the ward. He lost a job so I felt like I should ask him to make me a cake and it was actually really good! But it was HUGE for the two of us. I had cake for a whole week! I have been running to work off all the cake and donuts I ate this week because so many people gave me food! It was lots of fun though! You are only 21 once right? ;) 

Happy 21st Birthday in Chile!

The missionary work is moving pretty slow right now but I have been trying to just contact everyone. That is my goal this week. Just focus on contacting more because we don't have any real investigators right now. We are just working hard with the menos activos. Which is really good but still, our numbers are super bad. I'm pretty sure our district leader hates that. haha. 
But guess what!! Elder Russell M. Nelson came to our mission! He came with his wife this week and it was amazing!! His wife talked all about using our time wisely and how we need to use the scriptures more because when we read them we really do find answers to our problems just like when we go to General Conference. We can find inspiration and help when we read our scriptures. Cool huh? The scriptures have the answers to lifes greatest questions! I can testify of that. :) 
He also talked about our converts and how we don't see the end from the beginning and the people we contact or teach really do effect other people. It was super cool. And he talked about Marriage!! hahah, made me so trunkee!! But he said something that I wanted to share with you. He said "Sisters you have to marry a man that loves the Lord first because then the capacity he has to love you will increase and it goes the same for the Elders" How amazing is that!?! I have been thinking about that alot just the fact that I want to be a women that loves the Lord first that way I can be a great wife for my husband. I love the general athorities! They are called of God and I know that. I am so grateful that I was able to listen to the words from the apostle in person. The spirit was so strong. And it was in ENGLISH so I could understand! haha. So I was so happy. 
He also said that smiling is the key. We have to smile because we have a great message for others and we have to make sure that we are looking happy and that way people will want to talk to us. That was funny but it is so true! We must smile because then people cannot resist our message! :) 
Well I love you all. We went on a trip today but I don't have time to upload all the pictures. Here is one of Hermana Vega and I. It was so beautiful! 
I hope you all have a great week! 
Choose the Right
Hermana McClary 

Hermana Vega and Hermana McClary

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