Monday, November 24, 2014

I am a Window Cleaner in Chile

This week we started our "clases de cocina" they are our baking classes! We are starting something to get people excited to learn more about the gospel. Because there are so many people who are super skeptical about the church so the baking classes have been something that has been fun to invite people to! We made chocolate cookies this last week and they were such a hit! But the chocolate chips here in Chile are SO expensive. They are $4 for a small bag of chocolate chips. So it is kind of crazy! 

The Elders in our sector had a baptism this week and it was so spiritual. Our district got together and sang "As sisters in Zion" and "Army of Helaman"in English and it was amazing. Everyone was just in awe! The spirit was so so strong and even though it was in English you could feel the spirit. The spirit speaks every language and I LOVE it. One of the members even joked and said that one of the Elders in our district looks like a Ken doll because he looks too pretty. haha. I was dying. 

Daniella's Baptism

Also this week we started doing lots of service! Hermana Vega and I are starting a "cleaning windows business" we have been working hard at trying to go out of our way to serve others so we decided to ask people if we could clean their windows because it rains so much that the windows are always super nasty. So this week we asked lots of members and less actives to clean their windows. It was so much fun. But it is alot harder than it looks and alot of the windows are way taller than I thought. I have been having my work cut out for me. And now the word is getting around that we are cleaning windows so we are going to be really busy cleaning windows! But it is perfect because we clean the windows and then we share a scripture after and bring the spirit. I love it! I love that missionary work isn't all about walking and knocking doors in the rain (even though that is what we did all yesterday) it is about loving and serving others too. I have really started to love the Chilean people. They are my favorite.
Well this next week we have lots of lessons and I hope we can teach more receptive people! The work is moving forward here in Ovejeria! 
Have a great week! 
Hermana McClary    


Serving in Chile

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