Monday, January 19, 2015

Puerto Montt...I'm lovin it!

Wow, what a crazy week! 
I just want to start off and say how much I LOVE my mission! I love being able to really feel like I am making a difference in peoples' lives. I love being able to talk about the gospel with everyone. Hermana Smoot is my new companion and she is AMAZING! She really knows what is means to be a missionary. She understands her purpose and why she really wants to serve a mission. I love her. She is from Highland, UT. She went to Lone Peak and she is friends with Madison Reese. We have LOTS to talk about since we both went to Lone Peak!

The missionary work here in Pichipelluco is progressing lots and we are having lots of families to teach! I am in a VERY rich area. My area is right by the OCEAN. The area I am in is breath-taking! It is a cruise port stop town. I wish I had a better camera to show you just how beautiful it is! Oh and they have a McDonald's here!! Everyone has cars too! It is a miracle! People don't have the excuse of not being able to get to church because they all have cars to drive! 

We are teaching 2 families right now that are really progressing. We have 2 family home evenings tonight! One of the families came to church yesterday, it was their second time at church! The dad has an iphone 6 and let me just hold it. I was so amazed! haha. His name is Marcelo, he is really awesome. He has one friend that is LDS and the whole time he has been investigating the church he has been super skeptical but his friend sent him a text message about the church and about how much it has really blessed his life and how families can really be together forever. It was amazing. The lesson was so spiritual and it was awesome to really be able to see that his opinion of the church has changed so much. I am so grateful for the testimony of his friend. I know that this work cannot move forward without the members. WE NEED YOUR TESTIMONIES!! I love this gospel! 
I am so happy because I am in a new area with an AMAZING companion and we are just so happy. 
Hermana Smoot's voice is beautiful, she loves to sing! She is really a blessing to the missionary work here in Puerto Montt.I am so grateful to be her companion! 

I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers because He has answered my prayers. Have a great week! 
Hermana McClary

Hermana Smoot

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