Monday, January 26, 2015

Weeks of Miracles!

Well this week has been so amazing! It was literally a week of MIRACLES!
To start off the week our lessons with members all fell through. Either the member couldn't come with us or the investigator wasn't home when we had a member with us. (that's the WORST) But Friday we had tons of appointments set up so Hermana Smoot and I prayed all Thursday to find members to come with us to every appointment. We called lots of members and at the last minute we had appointments with all members and our investigators. I was praying all day that the appointments wouldn't fall through. And they didn't! All the appointments with the members were AMAZING!! We had 2 Family Home Evenings and we had two other appointments with a new investigator named Marta and Susan. 
Another miracle we had this week was on Saturday. Hermana Smoot lost her agenda. We looked everywhere. We started fasting for our investigators and we fasted to find her agenda. Anyways I had this feeling to look in the big trash can outside our house so we got the broom and started digging through the trash can. It was awful but it wasn't there. I felt super lame because I felt like I received revelation that it was in the trash can! But it wasn't...then I rememeber the talk from Elder Holland about how sometimes we think we make the right choice but it actually turns out to be wrong. My companion cheered me up and said "well at least we know it's not in the trash can." We started walking to the bishop's house to return the church keys. Hermana Smoot was so sad about her agenda and I felt pretty lame too but I felt like we needed to keep walking. Anyways we dropped off the keys at the bishop's house and we were standing outside his house when all of the sudden a taxi just came by and held out in his hand and there was her AGENDA!! It was a MIRACLE!! We took the taxi that morning and she left her agenda in the back of the taxi. It was a miracle because the bishop lives far far away from everything but the taxi driver dropped off someone else in the area.
Also another miracle, the family Santana-Reyles came to church again! The husband and son came to church without his wife because his wife had other commitments. It was AMAZING!! Usually they won't have come on their own. 
Gosh I love this gospel! I know that when we fast we really do recieve revelation. 
This morning our mission leader called us and gave us PERFECT advice for our other investigator Susan. She has a bapisimal date but she is having a hard time keeping The Law of Chasity. But this morning our mission leader called us and told us that he felt like he needed to tell us that we need to teach her about Repentance and she needs to gain a real testimony of the ATONEMENT! It was amazing. I felt like I totally forgot about the fact that she really hasn't applied the Atonement in her life to really change. 
This week we have lots of plans to help our investigators! We have plans for 5 people to get baptized in Feburary so we have LOTS of work to do! 
I love you all! 
Keep working hard and remember that personal revelation is real. Prepare this week for fast and testimony meeting and I know that it will be so much more special!
Hermana McClary 

McDonald's in Chile

Chopping more wood!

Hermana Smoot & Hermana McClary
Stop and smell the roses (dandelion)

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