Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I love being a missionary!!
This week was good, we had lots of opportunities to serve! It is summer here so there are lots of people preparing for WINTER.Everyone is buying wood for the winter months so we have to help load lots of wood and help members put their wood in their sheds. It is very interesting how people live on wood here. haha. I have gained lots of muscle in my arms from hauling wood...and it is just the beginning! But I really love giving service. 
WE also helped Hermana Santana-Reyes with her wood creations she makes. She is very talented. We painted these wooden boards and then she fed us lunch. I LOVE getting to know our investigators and reallying seeing how the gospel really has changed them! 
We had a soccer activity this week and it was amazing! The family Santana-Reyes came and Susan came too. It is easier to get people to come play soccer than it is to get people to come to CHURCH! hahaha. But it was great! The bishop came too and we all had a great time. It was a great way for the families to feel more comfortable in the ward. I love it! 
Also in Relief Society yesterday Hermana Karina Santana was so much more comfortable with the sisters she was offering to say the prayer! Everyone introduced themselves to her and it was good because she was able to really meet all the sisters. I love this ward! 
Hermana Smoot and I started to think of 2 things that we did good in the day and 1 thing that we can change each day. It is awesome because we are really trying just everyday to become better! I love her so much. I know that I say that every week but she is truly the best! 
I don't have much time today because we are headed to the beach today! WE have a member that has a house on the beach and we are going to hangout with them for a couple of hours. Puerto Montt is INCREDIBLE!!! I love you all.
Happy Valentine's Day this week! Remember that Jesus Christ died for our sins and for our faults...that was the true action of LOVE. 
The family Santana-Reyes are going to be baptized this month! I cannot wait!! 

Hermana McClary

Susan and Santana-Reyes, Hermana Smoot after the soccer game
Wood Creation from Santana-Reyes
Bryce with Hermana Smoot
Puerto Montt with Hermana Smoot

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