Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The best Valentine's day

This week was AMAZING! I am going to give you guys a short play-by-play.
Wednesday we had intercambios (we switch companions for a day with our sister training leaders) I was with Hermana Baker in my area. I had to lead the area because she had no idea where we were going. It was good....we got lost alot since I haven't been in this area for that long but I learned lots. We were looking for a members house for an hour! It is worse because I always feel like the sister training leaders are judging my every move. haha. Because they always report how we are doing to the President. But it was good. she helped alot! We had a great lesson with the Santana-Reyes family. The mom was there and I was studying all day how to have the spirit with me more. During this lesson she felt the spirit so strong and started crying. I bore my testimony of the gospel and promised her that if she would pray with her husband she would help him gain a testimony of the gospel. It was amazing. I felt the spirit work through me so much in that lesson because I know that those words were NOT my words. My spanish was perfect too! MIRACLE!! 
Thursday, we had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom with her husband Marcelo. He always has doubts so I studied lots so I could be prepared to answer his questions. Well he had lots of questions about why we couldn't drink tea. He was so focued on why we couldn't drink tea that it was hard to have the spirit there. He was very upset but we tried to help him realize the blessings...but we challenged him to pray. I felt impressed to ask him to pray with us about the Book the Mormon right there. So we knelt down and prayed together. He prayed silently and I was just praying so so so hard that he would feel SOMETHING! 
Friday, we had our soccer activity and the Santana family came and played with the ward. It was really great!! They all feel so much more comfortable in the ward! We even bought watermelon for all the people there!! Side note: watermelon here in Chile is AMAZING!! So yummy! 
Saturday, VALENTINE'S DAY! I had this brilliant idea to heart attack our investigatores houses. So we cut out hearts and heart attacked Marta (a new investigator. She is from Conception Chile! She is AMAZING!! But she has a problem with smoking. But I LOVE her so much. She is truly wanting to change) then we also heart attacked the Santana Family. We had an appointment with them so Hermana Smoot was sneaky and went to the bathroom and put hearts on their mirrors. It was so so cute! The lesson was really good. We have been planning for their baptism but we had to remind them that their baptism was this next weekend. So we focused our lesson on baptism and we asked them the interview questions and finally I asked Marcelo if he would be baptized on the 22nd of Feburary. And he looks at me and says SI! I FREAKED OUT!! I was sooo happy! He grabbed his wifes hand and they both just smiled and testified how much the gospel has helped their lives. It was a miracle!! I l love this gospel! I cannot even imagine where I would be without the knowledge that our message brings TRUE happiness. True joy. It was the best Valentine's day!! I told Hermana Smoot that I am going to have to tell my children that my best Valentine's day was on my mission. :) :) :) :) 
I have LOTS of photos to send to you guys but I don't have time but I want you to know that I went to the beach last Monday and we went hiking up Volcan Calbuco today and it was breath-taking! I am so BLESSED to be in the most beautiful part of the world. Although I do have problems with fleas again! The bugs love my sweet blood! ;) 
Have a great week! 
Hermana McClary 

We went hiking up Volcan Calbuco 

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