Monday, February 2, 2015


Well this week has been good. Hermana Smoot and I are starting to really work out and eat really healthy because we both feel so fat so we started running every morning and she has gotten me to eat lots of fruit and healthy shakes! She makes this green shakes with tons of veggies and fruit every morning and it looks disgusting but it's pretty good! Anyways we started running the other day and I totally fell on my face. I scrapped both my legs and all we I had these gashes on my knees. Normally it wouldn't have been a problem but I pray lots everyday on my knees so it was so uncomfortable but Hermana Smoot told me that it will be okay because people won't be able to see my big gashes on my knees on my wedding day because I will have a long dress covering my knees! hahaha. I died laughing!!

We had a very interesting lesson with the family Santana-Reyes. We taught them the law of chasity and the dad Marcelo asked us straight up why Joseph Smith had more than 1 wife. It was such a deep conversation we finally ended up getting to the point that he NEEDS a testimony of the Book of Mormon so he can know that the church is true. It was AMAZING. We finally know what his needs are and we are so excited to help him really recongize the Holy Ghost. I cannot wait! We are planning to have lunch with them tomorrow and everyday we are going to have some form of contact with them whether call or have an appt that way they can be ready to be baptized THIS month!! I cannot wait! Hermana Smoot and I are trying to be exactly obedient to everything so we can be together to see the baptism!
We now just joke and say "I want to see the baptism" and it's a reminder to be obedient! haha. I love Hermana Smoot so much. We have been having lots of success and this week we had Zone Conference. It was good to see President Obeso and to hear his council. We are planning to work really hard with the sisters in the ward to get them excited about visiting teaching. NO ONE does visiting teaching here and it breaks my heart because visiting teaching really is a secret weapon to get people excited and to grow in the gospel with only a little visit!! I know that when I go home I will be more faithful with my visiting teaching because it really does have a HUGE impact on the ward members! 

In this area we eat with the members now and it's really fun! I am getting to know lots of the members here in Pichi pelluco! I love it! But it is also so hard to always be obedient with the hours that we have lunch because the members take FOREVER to make food. I love the Chileans but they just take forever to prepare food. We waste so much time just waiting...but we are going to try to be better this next week!
We have been inviting lots of people to be baptized this week! We invited 8 people but only 3 people accepted...haha. But I know that we need to focus on getting the family Santana-Reyes ready for their baptism! I am so happy for this new month! It's summer here and everyone is traveling but it's lots of fun to talk to lots of different people that are visiting from different parts. 
Have a great week! Thanks for your prayers! 
Hermana McClary 
p.s. here are pictures of Hermana Smoot and I eating pizza because we didn't have any lunch with members one of the days so we ordered pizza! It was good...but I miss USA pizza! hahah

Chile Puppy- so cute!
Chile pizza not like USA pizza, but still good!

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