Monday, March 23, 2015

Invasion in Fresia!

Well this week was my 9 month mark and one of the traditions is to take pictures as if you are having a baby so Hermana  Smoot and I took pictures. haha.  It was super fun. She made my HUMP DAY super special. We ordered pizza when we came home and it was such a blast! I love the fact that Hermana Smoot goes out of her way to really make each day special. She is the best.

Anyways we had interviews this week and our President was really happy with us because we are the only ones in our ZONE that is teaching close to 10 families. Our President has really been stressing on trying to have us teach families! It is AMAZING! The love President Obeso has for us is incredible. He really is always  worried for us but expects us to work hard. I really appreciate the way that he has been trying to help  us. 

New news, we have  more investigators this week and Pamela attended church yesterday! She came with  her two sons. It was so awesome! 
We also went to another area this week for a whole day. It was called an invasion! The Elders that are in that area don't have ANYONE to  teach. So the President told all of the missionaries in Puerto Montt to go to their area for the day and find people. Hermana Smoot and I walked and  talked with TONS of people. We had more contacts in Fresia  (the little pueblo  is called Fresia) than  in our own area. But it was so great! I had the idea to fast before we went so we could  have  success. We  fasted all  day Friday  and got there Saturday. We ended up finding a member and she came with us  to knock doors and talk to  people. We asked people for  water and to use their bathrooms just so we could get in their house to  teach them! It was EXHAUSTING! But so good. I  grew lots just teaching  on the  spot and not having any  plans. I know  when we teach with the spirit it really  makes the difference. 

I bought a new camera this week so Hermana Smoot  and I took advantage and took some sweet pictures! We also celebrated St. Patrick's Day. But I missed the corn beef and cabbage  that Grandma usually makes! haha. I hope you  all are  having a great week! Keep reading your scriptures! I cannot  be preaching the gospel and telling people to read their scriptures if my own family isn't. haha. I love you all SOOOO MUCH! 
Have a great week! 
Hermana McClary

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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