Monday, March 30, 2015

Vicente's Baptism

This week has been kinda long. It was really good! We had another baptism! Vicente (the child of Marcelo and Karina) was baptized!! It was amazing. I loved seeing how happy he really was. Vicente is super smart just like my little brother Boston! (Shoot out to Boston, you are taller than Blake now...sorry Blake!) It is awesome to teach him and learn so much from that family.

Also this week we are going to have an Easter activity. We are going to paint eggs and have an easter egg hunt and have a devotional with the bishop. It is going to be SO much fun! We are putting this activity together to get more references. I cannot wait!! This week is also GENERAL CONFERENCE. It is like Christmas in the mission! We get to hear from our prophet! I cannot wait. I am preparing a list of things that I need help with. 

Also the video Because He Lives came out this week. It is AMAZING! We have been showing everyone! Yesterday we knocked some doors and a man came out and started talking to us. He wasn't very interested but I said "Do you want to see a video" and right before he was about to shut the door he said SI! Everyone has iphones here in this area so he pulled up the video and we just were on his porch step watching this video. It was such a special moment. I love technology. He was so receptive after watching the short video. I was so surprised. Anyways this week we are just going to invite people to our activity and to general conference! 
Thanks for your prayers. I love you all! 
Hermana McClary 
I know that He lives and that He is with us today and always! 
p.s. watch and share the video Because He lives! Share it with EVERYONE! 

HIGHLIGHT: I found a J.Crew peacoat today at this American clothing store. SUPER GENIAL! It was only $12! I love good finds...even in Chile! haha
Vicente's Baptism 
I got my Easter fix!

another day being a missionary...

Many houses look the same at Puerto Montt

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