Monday, March 16, 2015

Lord Is It I?

Best day of the mission! 
Hermana Karina came with us to TWO appts. It is amazing to really see that the gospel really changes people. She was bearing her testimony about how much the gospel really has helped her in her life. She was so grateful for Hermana Smoot and I that we were able to come all the way to CHILE to find her and to teach her family. It was such a great experience to have her testify of the truthfullness of this gospel. 

We have a great investigator that is really progressing! Her name is Daniela! (just like my last convert. haha) She tells people she is single but we know that she is living with her boyfriend. haha. Super weird but we are teaching her lots! We met her 2 months ago watering her flowers outside. She and her boyfriend aren't that religious but we started teaching her about God. She liked what we taught her but then she just fell of the planet. She wasn't ever home and she stopped answering her phone. So we dropped her. BUT we passed by her house because we were in the neighborhood and she was HOME! She said that she has been praying lots and that she started opening the Book of Mormon and just reading what she feels and each time she reads something it is about how she needs to listen and open her doors to listen to the gospel. It was SO cool! I cannot tell you enough that this work is really the work of the Lord. We invited her to come to church and she said she has been thinking lots about it! So yesterday SHE CAME TO CHURCH! We have been praying lots for her. She is amazing. We will be teaching her this week. We are going to teach her the Law of Chasity! It should be fun. haha. :) 

UPDATE! Hermano Marcelo received the priesthood this week and now has a calling in the Young Mens! I cannot even believe it! He was in our ward council yesterday talking about how we need to strenghten the youth. It was MIND BLOWING!! Hermana Smoot and I just grab each others arm and just smile so much because they are INCREDIBLE! Their son Viciente is going to get baptized at the end of the month! His mom Hermana Karina is teaching him all the lessons again just to make sure he is READY! haha. I love her. 
I know this church is true! I was thinking about something funny that happened this week and I couldn't think of anything. Lo Siento! 
But I was reading the talk, Lord is it I? By Elder Utchdorf and I love the part that says "Those who want to improve and progress, those who learn of the Savior and desire to be like Him those who humble themselves as a little child and seek to bring their thoughts and actions in harmony with our Father in Heaven, they will experience the miracle of the Atonement." 
I LOVE being a missionary! Tell me about your favorite scriptures that you have studied this week. I would love to hear! :) 
Hermana McClary

Picnic outside for lunch on saturday with Hermana SANDRA, She´s fantastic.

Chilling in Chile

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