Monday, June 30, 2014


Welcome to Mexico!

I LOVE IT HERE! Most days! hahaha, like the food is disgusting...mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. NASTY! But the MANGOS are so good!!  I am SO tired all the time but I love it!!!
SPANISH is soo hard. The second day we were here we had to teach a real investigator in Spanish!!! His name is Carlos, he is so funny!! He believes in God but he does not believe in marriage so my companion and I (Hermana Davis) have been trying to teach him about the Plan of Salvation! It is so rough. Like I am just trying to read out of these books and nothing is making sense and then when I ask him a question he speaks SOOO lets get real. I cannot understand what he says so I just smile and say BIEN! hahahahah, like hopefully it works!! AHHH, so difficult!! 

Elder Scott gave a devotional this Sunday and it was amazing! SUNDAYS ARE THE BEST DAYS. Seriously you just watch church movies and listen to devotionals and feel so spiritual! I love it!!! Anyways his talk was about Prayer and it was awesome, he totally spoke to me because I cry every night because this is so hard. But the people here are so friendly. I had to give a talk on Sunday in SPANISH!! In front of my district. Like nooo way. I was so nervous but I just prayed and then got up there and said everything wrong and I loved it. hahaha, I just embrace the fact that this language is so weird and I cannot speak it. But I volunteer hoping that I can understand and remember everything!! AHHH so exciting. I have only been here for a week but it feels like I have been here for a MONTH. This is not good. hahah. But here are some cute pics of me and my companion Hermana Davis! She is from Roosevelt, UT. So she is pretty chill. We both struggle with the language though so that is rough. She is like totally opposite from me and LOVES the Elders so I have to keep her on task most of the time! haha, like Hermana, we need to focus. She is always off with the boys. So that is fun...I am the Senior companion so I guess I have more responsibility?? Not! haha. Yesterday we were teaching Carlos and everyone outside the CCM was watching the fĂștbol game so that was interesting. Like we could just hear all the screaming outside while I am bearing testimony of the Atonement! MEXICO WON though so thank goodness for that! :) I love you all!        Thank you so much for your support! Write me on DEAR ELDER!! It works here in Mexico. 

Hermana McClary, Hermana Davis, first day, June 19, 2014