Monday, January 26, 2015

Weeks of Miracles!

Well this week has been so amazing! It was literally a week of MIRACLES!
To start off the week our lessons with members all fell through. Either the member couldn't come with us or the investigator wasn't home when we had a member with us. (that's the WORST) But Friday we had tons of appointments set up so Hermana Smoot and I prayed all Thursday to find members to come with us to every appointment. We called lots of members and at the last minute we had appointments with all members and our investigators. I was praying all day that the appointments wouldn't fall through. And they didn't! All the appointments with the members were AMAZING!! We had 2 Family Home Evenings and we had two other appointments with a new investigator named Marta and Susan. 
Another miracle we had this week was on Saturday. Hermana Smoot lost her agenda. We looked everywhere. We started fasting for our investigators and we fasted to find her agenda. Anyways I had this feeling to look in the big trash can outside our house so we got the broom and started digging through the trash can. It was awful but it wasn't there. I felt super lame because I felt like I received revelation that it was in the trash can! But it wasn't...then I rememeber the talk from Elder Holland about how sometimes we think we make the right choice but it actually turns out to be wrong. My companion cheered me up and said "well at least we know it's not in the trash can." We started walking to the bishop's house to return the church keys. Hermana Smoot was so sad about her agenda and I felt pretty lame too but I felt like we needed to keep walking. Anyways we dropped off the keys at the bishop's house and we were standing outside his house when all of the sudden a taxi just came by and held out in his hand and there was her AGENDA!! It was a MIRACLE!! We took the taxi that morning and she left her agenda in the back of the taxi. It was a miracle because the bishop lives far far away from everything but the taxi driver dropped off someone else in the area.
Also another miracle, the family Santana-Reyles came to church again! The husband and son came to church without his wife because his wife had other commitments. It was AMAZING!! Usually they won't have come on their own. 
Gosh I love this gospel! I know that when we fast we really do recieve revelation. 
This morning our mission leader called us and gave us PERFECT advice for our other investigator Susan. She has a bapisimal date but she is having a hard time keeping The Law of Chasity. But this morning our mission leader called us and told us that he felt like he needed to tell us that we need to teach her about Repentance and she needs to gain a real testimony of the ATONEMENT! It was amazing. I felt like I totally forgot about the fact that she really hasn't applied the Atonement in her life to really change. 
This week we have lots of plans to help our investigators! We have plans for 5 people to get baptized in Feburary so we have LOTS of work to do! 
I love you all! 
Keep working hard and remember that personal revelation is real. Prepare this week for fast and testimony meeting and I know that it will be so much more special!
Hermana McClary 

McDonald's in Chile

Chopping more wood!

Hermana Smoot & Hermana McClary
Stop and smell the roses (dandelion)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Puerto Montt...I'm lovin it!

Wow, what a crazy week! 
I just want to start off and say how much I LOVE my mission! I love being able to really feel like I am making a difference in peoples' lives. I love being able to talk about the gospel with everyone. Hermana Smoot is my new companion and she is AMAZING! She really knows what is means to be a missionary. She understands her purpose and why she really wants to serve a mission. I love her. She is from Highland, UT. She went to Lone Peak and she is friends with Madison Reese. We have LOTS to talk about since we both went to Lone Peak!

The missionary work here in Pichipelluco is progressing lots and we are having lots of families to teach! I am in a VERY rich area. My area is right by the OCEAN. The area I am in is breath-taking! It is a cruise port stop town. I wish I had a better camera to show you just how beautiful it is! Oh and they have a McDonald's here!! Everyone has cars too! It is a miracle! People don't have the excuse of not being able to get to church because they all have cars to drive! 

We are teaching 2 families right now that are really progressing. We have 2 family home evenings tonight! One of the families came to church yesterday, it was their second time at church! The dad has an iphone 6 and let me just hold it. I was so amazed! haha. His name is Marcelo, he is really awesome. He has one friend that is LDS and the whole time he has been investigating the church he has been super skeptical but his friend sent him a text message about the church and about how much it has really blessed his life and how families can really be together forever. It was amazing. The lesson was so spiritual and it was awesome to really be able to see that his opinion of the church has changed so much. I am so grateful for the testimony of his friend. I know that this work cannot move forward without the members. WE NEED YOUR TESTIMONIES!! I love this gospel! 
I am so happy because I am in a new area with an AMAZING companion and we are just so happy. 
Hermana Smoot's voice is beautiful, she loves to sing! She is really a blessing to the missionary work here in Puerto Montt.I am so grateful to be her companion! 

I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers because He has answered my prayers. Have a great week! 
Hermana McClary

Hermana Smoot

Monday, January 12, 2015

Transfer- Senior Companion

So this morning was crazy! The President called me and told me that I am being transferred...again! I just got to this new area but I am getting transferred to a new area now. It is more south. It is called Pichipelluco in Puerto Montt. It is 2 hours south from Osorno so it is going to be COLD! And I heard it rains alot. But I guess the interview with the President went well because I am going to be Senior Companion! My new companion is Hermana Smoot. I think Madison Reese said she knew her. I am SO excited!! I cannot wait to see another place in my mission. For 6 months I have been in Osorno so I am ready to see more parts of Chile!! I know there is a McDonald's in Puerto Montt. I cannot wait to go to a McDonald's in a different country! (not that I even like McDonald's but hey it's American :) hahah) 

This week we had interviews with the President and it was amazing. I haven't prayed to much to prepare to talk to the president. But I prepared myself to talk to President and it was amazing. I know that he is called of God to help me. He  told me to tell my family that I am a good missionary. Well he said it in Spanish. He said "Hermana McClary usted es un buena misionara" I just started bawling in the president's office. It was so simple but I felt that those words were coming from Christ. I could feel the love as he said that to me. I have been struggling a lot with feeling joy and happiness just in my personal life. I feel like I preach that the gospel brings joy and I know it does but I was lacking the faith to really feel that I was doing what The Lord wanted me to do. But this week I know that you need to have faith and you need to have hope to continue. It has been so hard with my companion but I know that Heavenly Father is refining me. I have felt his love. I don't have much time and the internet is not working in the centro parts of town. 

We also had a great lesson with Alejandra and her husband. We are focusing on the Sacrament and why it is so important to partake of the sacrament and why it is so important to go to church to renew the covenants we make with our Heavenly Father. They were so excited and they really have testiomies of the gospel and they said they were going to come to church this week but we called them Saturday night and they said they could not come. It was so sad but I know that we just have to continue to work with them. I love the people of Rahue Bajo, the members are always willing to come out with us and work with us. One sister came out with us in her high heels and she was walking with us for 3 hours! It was so crazy but she loved it. haha. The members are awesome and I know that the new sister that comes here will love it. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to be in Rahue Bajo. I am off to Puerto Montt! 
With love, 
Hermana McClary 

                                 here is a cool black and white wall I found and I had to take a picture of course! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ramdon Pictures of Christmas Package

Family PJ for ALL

I FINALLY got my Christmas box by New Years!

Family Christmas PJ

Christmas Tree in a box

Penguin hats for the Chile mascot

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Years in Chile

Happy New Year's!! 
This week I met a gypsy! We had some really weird people walking on the streets this week. It was very interesting! The gypsy wanted me to know "I want your money" hahah. I was forced to tell her how to say that in English! I should have asked her for a picture! 
For New Year's we were told to be in our house early! We had to be home at 9pm because there were lots of crazies on the streets. I made brownies and one of our investigators Alejandra made us dinner for us to eat in our house that night. Her food was really good! And it was fun to celebrate in our house! It was funny because Hermana Ramos wanted to wake up at 12:01 for the "NEW YEAR" so she set an alarm to awake up but I didn't hear it. She woke me up and wished me a Happy New Year! I don't remember anything. I was dead tired but she told me all about it the next day. haha. 
New Years day we had lunch with one family in our ward. Her son recently returned from his mission. He served in LONDON! IT was super sweet. He was talking to me in English and he showed me his Book of Mormon and all the maps of London. I was so amazed!! I now need to go to London! Mom he said that here is a "5 Guys” (reaturant) in London but they don't serve free peanuts! Such a bummer! haha. 
We have been fasting for some miracle this week. We haven't had any new investigators this whole month but this week we had 2 new investigators! We taught a new guy named Anjelo. We met him on New Years day and went to his house later in the week and his house EXISTED! A lot of times people give us fake addresses so it was a miracle! He is divorced but one of his work friends was there with him and we were able to teach both of them The Restoration. It was amazing. I was able to recite the First Vision from memory and I felt so much power and authority as I said the same words that Joseph Smith re-encounted with his experience. The spirit was SO strong. I am so grateful for fasting and prayer. We have lots more appointments set up for this next week! We are finally seeing miracles and it is the last week of the transfer! I am grateful for this gospel and I know Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God. 
Have a great week! Happy New Year! 

Hermana McClary

Bryce found Vegas in Chile!
Happy New Year's in Chile!