Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vega and McClary in Chile

Bryce and Carmen

Vega and McClary in Vegas

 Carmen Vega and Roz McClary
The Vega's in Las Vegas
Since our daughter's are companions in Chile and we both live in Las Vegas, We met up with Hermana's Vega Parents. We had lunch at Firehouse Subs on Sahara and Nellis. They are very nice people, it was wonderful to get to know them better and their daughter is also named Carmen.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I am a Window Cleaner in Chile

This week we started our "clases de cocina" they are our baking classes! We are starting something to get people excited to learn more about the gospel. Because there are so many people who are super skeptical about the church so the baking classes have been something that has been fun to invite people to! We made chocolate cookies this last week and they were such a hit! But the chocolate chips here in Chile are SO expensive. They are $4 for a small bag of chocolate chips. So it is kind of crazy! 

The Elders in our sector had a baptism this week and it was so spiritual. Our district got together and sang "As sisters in Zion" and "Army of Helaman"in English and it was amazing. Everyone was just in awe! The spirit was so so strong and even though it was in English you could feel the spirit. The spirit speaks every language and I LOVE it. One of the members even joked and said that one of the Elders in our district looks like a Ken doll because he looks too pretty. haha. I was dying. 

Daniella's Baptism

Also this week we started doing lots of service! Hermana Vega and I are starting a "cleaning windows business" we have been working hard at trying to go out of our way to serve others so we decided to ask people if we could clean their windows because it rains so much that the windows are always super nasty. So this week we asked lots of members and less actives to clean their windows. It was so much fun. But it is alot harder than it looks and alot of the windows are way taller than I thought. I have been having my work cut out for me. And now the word is getting around that we are cleaning windows so we are going to be really busy cleaning windows! But it is perfect because we clean the windows and then we share a scripture after and bring the spirit. I love it! I love that missionary work isn't all about walking and knocking doors in the rain (even though that is what we did all yesterday) it is about loving and serving others too. I have really started to love the Chilean people. They are my favorite.
Well this next week we have lots of lessons and I hope we can teach more receptive people! The work is moving forward here in Ovejeria! 
Have a great week! 
Hermana McClary    


Serving in Chile

Monday, November 17, 2014

An apostle in Chile!

My birthday was so fun! Hermana Vega and I bought a homemade cake from one of the members in the ward. He lost a job so I felt like I should ask him to make me a cake and it was actually really good! But it was HUGE for the two of us. I had cake for a whole week! I have been running to work off all the cake and donuts I ate this week because so many people gave me food! It was lots of fun though! You are only 21 once right? ;) 

Happy 21st Birthday in Chile!

The missionary work is moving pretty slow right now but I have been trying to just contact everyone. That is my goal this week. Just focus on contacting more because we don't have any real investigators right now. We are just working hard with the menos activos. Which is really good but still, our numbers are super bad. I'm pretty sure our district leader hates that. haha. 
But guess what!! Elder Russell M. Nelson came to our mission! He came with his wife this week and it was amazing!! His wife talked all about using our time wisely and how we need to use the scriptures more because when we read them we really do find answers to our problems just like when we go to General Conference. We can find inspiration and help when we read our scriptures. Cool huh? The scriptures have the answers to lifes greatest questions! I can testify of that. :) 
He also talked about our converts and how we don't see the end from the beginning and the people we contact or teach really do effect other people. It was super cool. And he talked about Marriage!! hahah, made me so trunkee!! But he said something that I wanted to share with you. He said "Sisters you have to marry a man that loves the Lord first because then the capacity he has to love you will increase and it goes the same for the Elders" How amazing is that!?! I have been thinking about that alot just the fact that I want to be a women that loves the Lord first that way I can be a great wife for my husband. I love the general athorities! They are called of God and I know that. I am so grateful that I was able to listen to the words from the apostle in person. The spirit was so strong. And it was in ENGLISH so I could understand! haha. So I was so happy. 
He also said that smiling is the key. We have to smile because we have a great message for others and we have to make sure that we are looking happy and that way people will want to talk to us. That was funny but it is so true! We must smile because then people cannot resist our message! :) 
Well I love you all. We went on a trip today but I don't have time to upload all the pictures. Here is one of Hermana Vega and I. It was so beautiful! 
I hope you all have a great week! 
Choose the Right
Hermana McClary 

Hermana Vega and Hermana McClary

Monday, November 10, 2014

21st Birthday... in Chile

This week was very interesting to say the least! I came down with the Flu so I had to stay inside to rest for 4 days!! Just imagine not having TV or a cell phone and just having to take drugs to make you sleep because all you have to do is stare at the 4 walls that are around you. It is not fun when we cannot work because we aren't fulfilling our purpose as missionaries. So it is the worst. But it was good. I caught up on ALOTS of sleep to say the least. My companion was very patient with me being sick. haha. I seem to have the worst luck with my health here. But hey I am feeling alot better today! 

I was reading the scriptures D&C 10:4 "Do not run faster or labor more than you have strengh and means provided to enable you to translate, but be diligent until the end." So I have been pondering about this alot this week. Just the fact that I cannot exhast my body and I need to be more patient with myself. Maybe there was a reason I needed to sleep. There is always a reason for everything! 

21st Birthday in Chile

Bryce still has her grace having the flu!

Today has been a wonderful day though! I woke up and my companion made me crepes! Then we got all dressed up and I opened all the presents my family sent me (thank you for all the cards and mac and cheese family) Then went to lunch at this cute cafe that I have been dying to try! It was so expensive so we just got smoothies! It was so fun! I felt super "cuico" (Chilean for RICH) haha. Then we went to eat real lunch at the food court and ate cheap hamburgers because we are poor missionaries! The Elders in our district called me and sang "Feliz CumpleaƱos" That was a fun surprise! And tonight we have a Family Home Evening with our ward so that should be fun! The elders said they have something planned...cannot wait to see what happens! haha. All in all it was a good day! I miss you all so so very much but I could feel your love. Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I love being a missionary! I love serving others and I cannot wait for what this next year has in store for me! 

p.s. we were at the mall and they have all the Christmas deco up so we took a picture with the Christmas Tree! I love Christmas! But it is so weird because it is getting warmer here! 
Until next week! 
Hermana McClary

we got smoothies at the Cafe 

happy to be out of bed

Monday, November 3, 2014


Hermana Vega, Hermana McClary


This week was super cool! Remember me telling you guys about Daniella? She was all ready to be baptized but she was having some problems with her mom because her mom didn't want her to be baptized. But we taught her all the lessons and then we found out that she actually didn't even live in our AREA! Like so crazy! She was just living with her grandmother and taking care of her grandmother while she was sick. So we were super bummed that we couldn't be the ones that baptized her. But we passed her on to the other missionaries in her area and they just just had to fill up the baptism font! Because she had literally already had a baptism date with us! So crazy. Anyways I hadn't heard from her in 3 weeks or so and on Friday the Hermana liders called me and told me that Daniella was getting baptized on Saturday and I could come! SO I got permission to go to the other area and go to her baptism! It was AMAZING!! I felt like I helped her so  much and we grew so close with her so it was so fun to see her. She LOVES English so the first thing she says to be when she sees me is "SISTER MCCLARY I AM SO HAPPY" It was a miracle! She has been such a blessing to me!

Halloween Costumes- switching with Hermana Vega

I LOVE Holidays on the mission because they make our awkward contacts more normal. So Halloween was super fun! I dressed up like Hermana Vega and she dressed up like me for the day! It was so fun...kinda confusing though! We handed out candy and taped them to pass-along cards! It was super sweet. We had lots of cool contacts. 
Then on Saturday was the day of the dead! It was so crazy here. Everyone was at the Cemetary and we just went to the big catholic cemetary and sang church hymns and passed out the Plan of Salvation pamplets! It was SO awkward but it was something to remember for sure! 

This week I also made EMPANADAS! The bishop's daughter is going on her mission in 2 weeks and she is raising money for her mission so she was selling homemade empanadas! We offered to help her make the empanadas and it was super fun! TONS of people ordered the empanadas so we made so many empanadas! The elders in our ward ordered 48 empanadas each! We just bought 6 empanadas...they are so bad for you so I am trying to not eat TOO many empanadas. Especially the way they make them here...they are all fried! So much fried food. I cannot handle it.

Spiritual high this week! 
I was studying in D&C 60:13 and it says "they have been sent to preach my gospel among the congregations of  the wicked. I give unto them a commandment thus: thou shalt not idle away thy time neither shalt thou bury thy talent that it may not be known"
We have all been given talents that we need to share. I have been thinking about this alot this week. Just the fact that Heavenly Father gives us talents to help others!!
I love this gospel. I also love how everything in the gospel is centered around families! How wonderful is that?? Well I hope you all have a great week! I have some more pictures this week! I love my companion and we are working really hard to see more miracles in this area!
Hermana McClary