Monday, September 1, 2014

I am Such a Cry Baby!


So I realized that I am a cry baby this week. I have never cried so much as I do on my mission. Just because the spirit is so strong...obviously! ;) 
Yesterday we went to contact a referral, we had received and we have been to this guys house before trying to contact him but he is never home. Well we went on Sunday hoping he was home and he was! Usually people are always home with their families on Sunday. His name is Luis (of course, everyones name is Luis, Matias or Juan here. hahah) 
Well we started talking to him and he was kind of offended that we kept asking him all these questions. Like we were interigating him. It was so awkward because my companion just stopped talking and looked at me like I needed to say something. So at that moment I just told him how the gospel has helped me and how I want to share the message with everyone! 
This is the hidden farm town

He stopped me and asked me in a sassy way how my life has been hard and what sorrows I had. 
At that moment I felt prompted to share with him about how I was born with a cleft palate and how all my life I have had surgeries to fix it. 
I just bore my testimony and then started crying in front of this random guy on his doorstep! And it felt AMAZING! haha. I was able to really share how I felt and I felt like a normal person because we all go through things in life that make us stronger. 
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? ;) 

We have started English classes in our area! People want to learn English so it is awesome and I love English so it is a win win. But no one came to our English class this week. I was super bummed. Come on people. 
But I found my new favorite place.They all speak ENGLISH! haha, jkjk. I did not go inside I just saw it and thought it was funny. And ENGLISH BAR. What in the world. So funny. 
Well I hope you all had a great week! 
Update on Carlos, he has not been home the last couple days and he was not able to attend church so that was a bummer but we are trying to really focus and help him. He NEEDS this gospel. It is amazing! 

Thanks for continuing to worry about me. I am fine now, it has been really hard! But I am grateful for good socks now! (from the new boots, Bryce got blisters on her feet.)
I LOVE that you have been going to the temple. That is the best place! Do you put my name in the pray circle? I hope you do! haha, I need all the prayers I can get! ;) 
I have uploaded pictures for you from Ovejería 2014, it’s about 2 hours from Santiago. I hope you love them! We found a cool new hidden place with more houses in our area! It is like a farm town. It is super cute and very beautiful! 
I miss you so much! 

I have to go now!


Hermana McClary

Hermana Clark, I love her! She is so cute!

Selfie in Ovejeria
The America bar that I did NOT go in-

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