Monday, September 22, 2014


This week has been one for the books. I have never talked with so many drunk people in Español before! It was really entertaining but really hard to work because the streets were dead during the day but at night we could hear all the parties! I have never had so much CARNE! Here they just eat carne all day on Sept 18 and 19th. It is like Thanksgiving where all you do is eat food. But they also have their traditional dances. It was very entertaining.
I saw Hermana Davis this week and it was such a tender mercy. She was my first companion in the CCM. She is doing really well. It was fun to see her for a minute! 
Today I made Mac and Cheese! Can I say that I don't like mac and cheese from Chile. It is not my favorite. But it was a fun memory! haha, probably won't do it again! 
I made my companion grilled cheese this week too! She was so happy! She has never had grilled cheese. So crazy! It was just like the grilled cheese I love from ZUPAS...except it wasn't the same. It was still really good though. 
We didn't have a lot of work to do this week because of the fiestas! But it was fun to enjoy the members! 
Here is a picture of me in my pancho! The bishop let me wear his pancho to take some pictures! VIVA CHILE!! 
Also here is a picture of me and Hermana Eva. She is my favorite person. She is wearing the traditional Chilean outfit. She is so cute. And is the most friendly, loving person I have met her. She has a HUGE heart and she really just wants to help everyone even though she doesn't have much she is willing to give what she has for others. 
I had LOTS of time to study this week and I realized that when we are exact obedient we are ALWAYS promised blessings. Read D&C 63:23 because it promises blessings when we are obedient! 
Exact obedience brings blessing! I know the church is true and I love this gospel.
Hermana McClary 

Macaroni and Cheese in Chile
Also here is a picture of me and Hermana Eva.

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