Monday, September 29, 2014

cookies with MIRACLES

"It is impossible for us to fail when we do our best when we are on the Lord's errand" Elder M Russell Ballard

This week this quote has helped me so much!
Well to start I wanted to do something nice and make cookies to get more people to come to our "Clases de Ingles" so I made cookies but it was my first time cooking something in CHILE and they don't have any numbers here on the oven it is either really high or really low so I burned my cookies that I was baking for the class. BUT we had 5 people come to our class plus the Elders were there so we ended up having ALOT of sucess and it was a BLAST! We were able to get people excited about coming to the chapel...even if it was for my burnt cookies! They were AMERICAN chocolate cookies so everyone loved them! haha. 

This week we also had Intercambios so Hermana Aquino went with another sister and I stayed in our area with another sister for a day. It was difficult because I had to be the leader and show her around but I am still learning. It was good though, it made me get out of my shell and lead her around. I LOVED IT! I was with Hermana Pierce.She is from San Diego, CA. She is super good at spanish as well...of course. She is SO EXCITED about everything. We made up dances and she showed me that you can really enjoy being a missionary. I am so thankful for her. She also told me she made bucket list of things she wants to do on her mission before she "dies" as a missionary. So I decided I want to start a 
 BUCKET LIST for my mission. Things I want to do before I "die" as a missionary. To try to make my life more fun, haha. Help me come up with cool things. Maybe google somethings random. I think it would be fun. Here is my list so far:
Hug a penguin (obviously) 
Eat ice cream in the POURING RAIN 
Take a picture with Santa Clause (did that!) 
Go to the bottom of the world (I hope I get set to that area!) 
I need help with other cool things to do. What do you think?? 

As for our investigators it is getting hard because their baptisms are in 2 weeks and we are really seeing the opposition starting to play a role. We have been having a hard time with Diego just to make sure that he is getting baptized for himself and not for his girlfriend! YIKES! I taught him the Law of Chasity and that was pretty awkward. I taught him and his girlfriend the law of chasity and in Spanish. It was just awkward all around. But we have another appointment with him today and we are going to talk to him without his girlfriend there so we can find out everything. He has a testimony of this gospel and he is so righteous! We just want to make sure he is ready!
Same with Daniela, she is having a hard time with her parents. They are not 100% excited for her to get baptized. But I know she will make a good choice. 
Anyways CONFERENCE is this week! Make sure to watch it! 
I will be watching it at the bottom of the world! 
love you all.

Hermana McClary 

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