Monday, September 15, 2014

"FIRSTS" with Sister McClary

This week I have had alot of "FIRSTS"

First time 4 of our investigators come to church yesterday! IT was awesome! And we moved into our new house. It is so cute. I love it! It is new and super modern! I love it!

We didn't have hot water for the first few days so I made my companion wash my hair with the warm water we boiled. haha, she hated it but I LOVED the warm water. First time I have had my hair washed by my companion!
Today was fun I had to go to the ER for my foot. I have been having lots of pain in my ankle and it's getting worse. But I am okay! It was just so weird to go to the doctors and not understand ANYTHING they are saying. I need to rest and I am taking some medicine so I will be okay! First time at the ER in a different country! 

A member's husband in our ward this week pasted away so we went to his funeral. It was the FIRST time I attented a funeral in a different country. It was super interesting. I was able to teach lots of people about the Plan of Salvation. It was awesome! I know that families can really be together forever. I am so grateful for the knowledge of eternal families!

Update on Diego! He came to church alone yesterday and we have some members in the ward that have "become his friend" and it is awesome! He wants to move his baptism date up! So we moved it a day earlier. haha, he is so anxious to be baptized it is awesome and he wants to SERVE A MISSION! Golden!! I am so so happy! ! YES! We are having alots of sucess!! 
This week is the big FIESTA so it will be crazy. We cannot work for 2 days because everyone is just drunk and it isn't safe. So we have to stay inside. It should be interesting. I will keep you updated and post pictures next week! 
Hermana McClary

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