Monday, December 15, 2014

#Share the Gift

This week has been very interesting, we have had lots of cool experiences and lots of weird things happen too. 
We started the 12 days of Christmas with our neighbor who is a less active! It is super fun! But it is super hard to translate everything in Spanish and to find all the cute little things to leave on her door. I LOVE Christmas and I know that she will love it and at the end of the 12 days we are going to sing her the song "12 days of Christmas" I cannot wait! 
We have lots of appointments this week to make sugar cookies! I am super stoked! Oh and a member in our ward had an extra Christmas tree so she is letting us borrow it for Christmas! Here are pictures of her and her family and me with our Christmas tree! 

Something weird that happened this week was an appointment with a new investigator his name is Pablo. It was so crazy. We were in the appointment for 2 hours! He and his wife were just trying to convince us that their church was right. I came out of the lesson so lost...feeling so bad because I couldn't feel the spirit at all. The lesson started good but then it just went into how they believe Jesus Christ is God and The Holy Ghost. It was so intense. They just kept trying to convince us with all these Bible scriptures. I felt so bad because we had a member with us too and she is preparing to serve a Mission. haha. So that was really rough. But today during my studies I was reading a WONDERFUL talk about our spiritual light and I loved this quote "If you want to give a light to others you have to glow yourself" President Monson. I love that because I felt so spiritually down and drained but this morning I realized that I cannot let this get me down. Just because I feel like I failed in helping them I know that this isn't their time to accept the gospel and I know that if I keep thinking about how I could have done things better I will let other people who need the gospel pass me by. We cannot let our light go dim. We must work all we can to continue to have our light shine! I am so grateful for this gospel and the Atonement because I know that I cannot do this work alone without The Holy Ghost.

I taught my first Relief Society lesson my first Sunday in this new ward! It was so crazy. I was super nervous but I was able to speak in looked like people understood me but I have no idea really to be honest. It was hard because I wanted to talk about the 10 virgins and how we need to be prepared but I totally couldn't explain it really well.I was grateful for a cute little lady in the front helping me explain the story. My companion had no idea what I was trying to say. haha.The ward here in Rahue is a lot bigger and it is actually a good functioning ward! Everyone has a calling and most of everyone actually fufills their callings so that is exciting! 

Remember Daniela? The girl I helped prepare for her baptism and then she moved?? Well, she is in my ward now! So that is such a sweet blessing! I love her so much. We went to go visit her and she has grown so much, she is really preparing to go to the temple and reading her scriptures and has SO much love for the gospel. 

Christmas is in the air! I am in 2 choirs here and we are preforming on Friday and Saturday. I cannot wait to sing!! I will have lots of pictures! 
Thank you for your prayers and keep thanking Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for all you have! 

Until next week
Hermana McClary

Hermana Romas & Bryce

#Share the Gift

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