Monday, December 29, 2014

Christ is important to Me!

This week has been so crazy! I realized how much I missed my family because when I saw them on Skype I just started crying. I am SO grateful for my family!! I am also so grateful for the chance I had to talk to each of you! Sorry I didn't have much time to talk to each of the McNinch's or the McClary's but just know that I love you all so so much and it meant so much that you were there for me.

I didn't realize how much food Chileans ate until it was Christmas Eve. We ate so so so much carne. I didn't know what to do with myself. Christmas night I got so so sick. I think I ate too much food because I ended up throwing everything up. I haven't felt so sick as the time I was on my way to Disneyland my the big RV that we rented holding the big metal bowl. I just remember wanting to die. Well that is kinda how I felt Christmas night. I felt so bad too because my companion was sick too and her birthday was the next morning. We ended up staying all day in our beds not being able to move for her birthday. I was so so sick I was told not to eat anything for 12 hours. I just slept all day. It seems like a dream now when I think about it. I had lots of fun though. It was hard to be away from my family but I was grateful to be with members that were able to share their love with us.

Tuesday before Christmas all our district went and sang for a community of people with mental illnesses. We all had our Christmas hats and sang hymns. They were all so grateful for the wonderful spirit that was there. I was so happy to be apart of that wonderful experience. They didn't need much to feel so much joy.

I have been thinking why Jesus Christ is important to me. And Jesus Christ is important to me because He was THE perfect example for all of us. And he did everything out of LOVE! He is important to me because without Him I wouldn't be able to change and become a better person. Without Him I wouldn't have a purpose. I know that on my mission badge my name is next to His name and I feel so honored and at the same time so inadequate to be his representative. I know that Jesus Christ really does know each and everyone of us personaly because of the Atonement. I know that if we really apply the Atonement more we can be so much better people and be so much happier.

This week has been hard because lots of people have been out of town and lots of our investigators haven't been progressing. For instance we have one family that is PERFECT! Alejandra and Edwin they are a cute married couple and they have one daughter. They are SO ready to change. They are just so nervous to commit to going to church. This week they told us that they will not go because they have to choose visiting their parents on Sunday or going to church. It is such a hard thing to deal with. But I know that if we do all that we can they still do have their agency. Agency is so hard as a missionary...because sometimes I just want to take it away and help people come unto Christ. But everyone has their time to accept or reject the gospel and I know that that is true! Hermana Ramos and I are on the hunt for new investigators! I cannot wait for this next week!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Happy New Year! BE safe and follow Jesus Christ!

Hermana McClary

Christmas Feast before I got sick!

I made Lemon Cream Pie!

Momita next door, Hermana Ramos, me

We sang at a mental illness center

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