Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

This week was full of EMOTIONS! I was sooooo happy to see my family and to see that everyone was happy and healthy! I cannot believe that my dad was the MOST worried about my health. I am glad that I am still his favorite daughter :) haha. 
This week we had a great lesson with some new investigatores Rodrigo (he is from Belguim but is dating a Chilena and has a baby with her) and Solange. They are so cute. But Rodrigo is sooo hard to teach. He doesn't believe in God so we have to really just testify so much about how much this "energy" loves him. We went to their apartment this week and taught them about the Family Proclamation to the world. It was AMAZING! he told us that after we taught him the first day that he had a dream about the temple and having to chose to be with his girlfriend Solange and his daughter forever! He said that he really wants to live with them forever!! It was soo spiritual with the member that we brought with us too! I KNOW that he believes in God. We are going to work more with them this week! 
Also we had our Zone Conference and I was able to call Hermana Vega again and I saw HERMANA SMOOT! I died. I love that girl. She is the best! We are trying to look for new families now. We have transfers next week so I will keep you guys updated! I have been having dreams that I am going to the bottom of the world!!! haha. We will see! Maybe then I will be able to see a penguin!! 
I love you guys so much! Have a great week!! HAPPY WEDDING WEEK BLAKE AND AMY!! SEND PICSSSSSSSS
Hermana McClary

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