Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and General Conference

Hello everyone,
Well this week was soo crazy. LOTS have happened. First off we had an Open house at the church this week for Easter to get people to come in and have a tour of the church. We showed the video "Because He lives" and everyone loved it. We even had one girl ask us how she can join our church. She started bailing and said she has NEVER felt like this ever before. It was AMAZING. Hermana Smoot and I were in for reals...but too bad she doesnt live in our area. She actually lives in another Zone in Puerto Montt. Sad day but HEY she is going to be baptized!! 

Also we had our Easter Activity!! It was super special. We had lots of people come and we had lots of help from the ward. We have one sister that has a cricket machine and she loves doing scrapbook so she helped us LOTS. We made a banner and made over 100 cupcakes. Everyone ate them SO fast. I cannot even believe it. It took sooo long to make them and they were all gone in like 5 min. But it was a great turn out. 3 of our investigators went too!! Daniela came and she had so much fun! 
On a sad note...WE have transfers!! Hermana Smoot is going to Puerta Varas, which is like 20 min from where we are now. haha. And my new companion is Hermana Marinho from Brazil. I am excited but SUPER sad. I loved being Hermana Smoots companion. She really helped me so much enjoy the mission. But I know that we will see each other after the mission. I am so excited!! 

We also had Conference!! How amazing was that right?? I was searching for more help this week. I want to share one of my questions that I was trying to get answers from. I hope that this can help you know that we can really recieve personal revelation from Conference. For times sake I will share one of my questions 1. How can I live in the moment and really enjoy my mission more? 
I felt like the talk by Elder Neil L. Andersen really answered my question. He talked about having an eternal perspective and how we need to believe in miracles. He asked if we could see the hand of the Lord in our lives. He also encouraged us to Pray with faith to view the hand of the Lord in our lives. I really love the fact that we can have lots of help from the apostles in our days. I also want to note that the talk by Elder Holland cut out so we didnt get to watch it but I am going to look online to watch it in English!! haha. 
Also Elder Uchtdorf really hit the nail on one of my other questions. 
2. How can I learn to love the mission rules? Sometimes I just feel like I do the things I am "supposed to" but I hate doing them. But he talked about being obedient to the commmandments because WE LOVE Jesus Christ. That hit me like a ton of bricks. I was like DUH Bryce. Come on. I love how he talked about Grace and how it is a gift from God but when we obey the commandment (or mission rules) we are showing our part of HIS gift. I am also going to read his talk in English again so I can really understand more the Grace of God. But I know that this church is true and really that we can recieve personal revelation. 

ALSO 2 of our investigators are needing to get married in order to get baptized so I will be PLANNING weddings here in Chile while my brother is getting married without me. Shoot out to Blake! hahah. 
Love you all. Tell me what talks were your favs.
Hermana McClary 

We had an Open house for Easter!
We had help with our ward members!
A member had a Criket machine and made all the decorations!

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