Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hermana Marinho from Brazil

Well this week was really fast! We have had lots of miracles this week! We worked really hard to get more members in our lessons and finally we were able to meet our goal. It feels so good to meet goals sometimes! I know that that isn't the most important thing but it sure does feel good! :) 

So to start off we had a lesson with Daniela and her boyfriend Julio. They live together so on Tuesday (my last day with Hermana Smoot) we taught the law of chasity. We want them to progress and it is hard to tell someone "You have to get married in order to be baptized" like okayyy. haha. So we really had to follow the spirit. We focused on the temples and how we can be together forever when we are sealed in the temple with the ones we love. It was great and then we led into commandments and how they are a blessing and then we brought up the Law of Chasity. It was so funny because Julio said so what do we need to do in order to be baptized because we live together...everyone just looked at each other and then Hermana Smoot said in a really funny voice "Get married??" hahaha. Like it was a question. SO funny! Everyone just started laughing and the members that came with us for the lesson just started laughing so hard. But then we calmed down and the spirit was present. hahaha. Oh Hermana Smoot I miss that girl OH SO MUCH!!! We commited them to pray about the law of Chasity. 

We then had a Family Home Evening with them and their neighbors who are members and are the same age. It was perfect!! We watched a video on the Plan of Salvation. It was a great video..made in the 90's but very good! haha. 

One high this week was the fact that 4 of our investigators came to church! I am seriously so shocked!! WE are working really hard and seeing some of the fruit of our labors. Daniela came to church and asked for a priesthood blessing and she was so touched. Her and her boyfriend said that they have found the right path and are so happy in the church!! I found them watering their garden in January and now they just have changed so much! When we first contacted them they didn't believe in anything. And now she was asking for a priesthood blessing because she is going to have surgery tomorrow and she wanted some comfort. AMAZING!!!!
Also Pamela came to church. She also isn't married but lives with her boyfriend and 2 little boys.  But we have a family home evening tonight to talk about the law of chasity with the Santana Family! I cannot believe my converts are so willing to help with the missionary work! I love it. Hopefully it will go well. We are going to teach with the spirit!!

I love the mission! Winter is starting now...lots of rain!! LOTS of RAIN! I cannot even describe it is so crazy but I am praying I can make it through another winter. It is just so so cold. Please pray for me. 

My companion is great! It is just hard getting adjusted to someone else and the way they teach. She is super sweet and little and just so inocent. haha. She is teaching me Porteguese! I will be so intelligent when I get home...look out WORLD!
Love you all! Have a great week! 
Hermana McClary 

Hermana Marinho from Brazil

The Church at Puerto Montt

At the Open House we made badges from our Country

Puerto Montt

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