Monday, April 20, 2015

Such a long week

Well I don't have much time because I was too busy reading everyones emails about everyone GETTING MARRIED!! What is that about?? I cannot even handle it. Everyone is moving on. haha. Just so you guys know I am still in Chile preaching the gospel...I hit my 10 month mark! So crazy. The months seem to go faster than the days. I am not even sure how that works but it does. 

This week we had exchanges with our sister training leaders. Guess what!! Hermana Pierce (she was the sister training leader in Osorno when I started my mission) is in my Zone now! It was a BLAST! We had lots of stuff to catch up on. She told me that my other converts Diego and Daniela are doing so great! I was so happy to hear they are still strong in the gospel! 
I have also learned this week a lot from Hermana Mariho and how I need to have patience. I am used to having my companions doing everything and I just follow. But with our companionship I am realizing that I have to do lots more. I am working on trying to walk slower because I am always like 10 steps ahead of her. haha. I am used to walking fast with my other comps but it is a good change. We had a really great inventory this week and I realized how awful of a companion I really am. I was doing everything and just letting her bare her testimony. I have really been humbled this week to realize that I need to really listen to her ideas and to not always do what I want to do. (I know that my dad just rolled his eyes at that remark! haha) 

We had a GREAT lesson with Pamela. We made "kits" for her kids so that way they would have things to do during church to keep them busy because the last time she left early because they were wanting to leave. It was so awesome to see the change this Sunday and to see that Pamela was so happy to be at church with us and her 2 boys. Now we just have to get her boyfriend involved and we have to help them get married! It is hard work but we are PRAYING for miracles. 

I love this mission. It is hard right now because we are really trying to find more people to teach but I am trying to be obedient and I am praying to feel happy everyday and to live in the moment. I know that this church is true. I feel so insignificant because I am 1 missionary out of thousands but I feel so much love and I know that Heavenly Father really knows and cares for each one of us individually. I can feel the love for my family when they email me and when I see that everyone is happy and getting married. Even though I know it will be hard to miss everyone's weddings I am praying for the strengh to help me forget myself and help others. 
Until NEXT week! 

Kissing you from Chile!
Batman is in Chile!

Hermana Mariho 
Reunited with Hermana Pierce and Batman!
a boat by the beach

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